Fishery rules

It is our policy here at Bishton Farm Pools to be fair and honest with the visitors to our waters and this is why we do not have any silly rules. Our bailiffs will send anglers away if they have total disregard for the rules in which we do have.

Abusive behaviour to bailiffs, spoiling the fishing for others, leaving litter, and leaving rods unattended will not be tolerated.

Day tickets are available at the green lodge please obtain a ticket from the office before fishing.

We do not take bookings, the only bookings we take are for over 10 people, matches, night fishing, disabled swims and tutorials.

Cars to be parked on the carpark provided.

 We do allow cars to park near the bridge to access to back of pool 1 and access to pool 2.


Barbless or micro-barbed hooks only to be used.

Nets to be dipped and rinsed before use on the fishery pools using the appropriate dip tanks provided.

Rods must not be left unattended. Up to three rods may be used but only if you have the appropriate EA licence to allow this.

No fish to be retained for long periods. Floating retention slings may be used for up to 30 minutes whilst the appropriate unhooking/slings and weighing equipment is set up.

No Keep nets.

Permanent fixed leads are not allowed and unhooking mats should always be used when fishing on all our pools.

 Rigs will be checked by bailiffs.

No transferring of fish between waters - no fish to be removed or killed.

Wading is not allowed on any of our waters. Always put your safety first when returning fish to the waters.

The lakes are situated near small residence so you should respect these residents by keeping noise and lights to a minimum at night.

BBQs and open fires are not permitted on the fishery, we do allow gas butane cookers situated off the grass.

No  drones, guns, swimming, drugs or heavy drinking.

Dogs are allowed if they are under control and on a lead at all times.

There are farm animals and wildlife situated all around the 3 pools so please keep dogs under control.

We do not have many bait restrictions except no nuts of any kind. Seeds, peas and beans must be well soaked, cooked and used in moderation.

Toilets are now situated temporarily on-site whilst work is outgoing around the fishery, no anglers are allowed past the main farm entrance at any time.

Night fishing is permitted but will have to be arranged with the by telephone on 07934891390 or 07976507474.


No large groups are permitted to night fish.

Takeaways are no longer allowed to deliver to the fishery all deliveries will be refused access.

Noise and shining of lights must be kept to a minimum during the night.

No visitors are allowed into the fishery after closing anyone found doing so is trespassing and liable to prosecution.

Anyone found loitering around the front of the fishery after closing will have registration plates passed onto the police.

We do allow a companion to stay overnight but there is a charge and only a minimum of 1 person is allowed.

No Fires or Charcoal BBQs are allowed only butane gas stoves or BBQs situated off the ground.

No radios or music is allowed to be played after 9pm unless kept to a minimum level.

No one under 16 is allowed to Night fish unless accompanied by an adult.

You must take your litter home with you if you have excess rubbish we can only accommodate a small amount.

Please use the toilets provided anybody found doing otherwise will be removed from the fishery.

SPECIMEN  AND RUNS WATER (Pool 3 and Pool 2 )

All anglers MUST have a suitable landing Net and landing Mat for these pools.

Minimum 12 lb line must be used when fishing for Carp on these pools.

We do allow movement on the same pool when less busy but no one is allowed to move between the two pools when booked on 

unless permission is granted by one of the bailiffs.

We do allow loading and unloading of tackle to certain areas of the complex please ask one of our bailiffs and they 

will direct you to specific loading unloading areas unless conditions are poor.

No excessive baiting please use bait moderately.

No fixed leads or Braided mainline allowed on these pools only safe lead system allowed, rigs will be checked and you will be

asked to remove certain rigs if they are redeemed unsafe to the fish.

Under no circumstances are rods to be left unattended in the water even if you have a remote device.

Barbless and microbarb hooks allowed only.

Spodding and baitboats are allowed but no excessive baiting, boats are only allowed for placement of rigs and a small amount 

of bait only must be used.